What is Cdek Forward?

CDEK Forward is a service that facilitates shipping from international online stores. After registering, you gain access to warehouse addresses in 10 countries worldwide. You can send items from local online stores to these addresses, and CDEK will receive and consolidate your packages, thereby reducing the overall shipping cost. Here are some key points about CDEK Forward:

Countries Served: CDEK Forward operates in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
Delivery Time: From the United States, delivery takes as little as 7 days, with prices starting at $9.
Other Countries: CDEK Forward also serves the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Finland, Spain, Poland, China, Turkey, and Thailand.
Cost-effective Shopping: By using CDEK Forward, you can take advantage of better prices when purchasing well-known brands from the US. For instance:
A Michael Kors women’s bag costs from $55 in the US, compared to from 152,500 ₸ in Kazakhstan.
An Apple MacBook Air 13 Retina (2018) is priced from $40,000 in the US, while it costs from 671,000 ₸ in Kazakhstan.
New Balance sneakers start at $9,200 in the US, whereas they are priced from 30,500 ₸ in Kazakhstan.
How It Works:
Register: Sign up to get a delivery address for your purchases from abroad.
Shop: Order products from North American, European, or Asian online stores and send them to your assigned CDEK Forward warehouse.
Consolidate: Once your orders arrive at the warehouse, you can consolidate them and have them shipped to yourself, friends, or directly to your customers.
Receive: Your package will be delivered either directly to your location or to the nearest CDEK pickup point.

Please find our warehouse for online shops. for help +908504411109